TFS 2013 process templates get a name change

Kathryn Elliott

With the latest Team Foundation Service update and with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013 RTM, we have changed the names of all process templates. From now on, the process template names will reflect the version of Team Foundation Server that supports their download.

The new names are:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2013
  • MSF for Agile Software Development 2013
  • MSF for CMMI Software Improvement 2013

You  can access process guidance and charts that compare the features of each template here: Work with team project artifacts, choose a process template.

Major and minor version numbers still remain in the ProcessTemplate files

While the names have changes, the major and minor version numbers remain intact.  The version numbers support the Configure Features wizard in choosing the latest process template to update a team project after TFS upgrades.

Scrum  <version type=”6B724908-EF14-45CF-84F8-768B5384DA45″ major=”3″ minor=”7″/>
Agile <version type=”ADCC42AB-9882-485E-A3ED-7678F01F66BC” major=”7″ minor=”17″ />
CMMI  <version type=”27450541-8E31-4150-9947-DC59F998FC01″ major=”7″ minor=”7″/>

If you customize a team project, you may need to customize the process template to support the upgrade process. In doing so, you may need to update the version numbers. To learn more, see Update a customized process template to access new features.

To learn more about changes introduced with the TFS 2013 process templates, see this blog post:. To access the new WITs and other new tools, you’ll need to update an upgraded team project using the Configure Features wizard.




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