Known issues with load testing in Visual Studio 2013

Darshan Desai [MSFT]

We hope you have downloaded  Visual Studio 2013 RTM and started using it to run your performance and load tests. One of the really cool features you should try out is the new cloud-based load testing we have introduced as part of Visual Studio 2013, which lets you generate load to test your app without having to worry about infrastructure setup.

There are some minor irritants/bugs that a few users have reported while using load testing as part of Visual Studio 2013. If you have been affected by any of these issues, we are sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll fix these problems at the first possible opportunity. The good news however is that simple workarounds exist for these issues. Here are the list of known issues and the workarounds to fix them.


  • Visual Studio hangs when you try to run a load test on the cloud using Team Foundation Service
    • Issue: Visual Studio hangs when I queue a load test to be run using Team Foundation Service. This is noticed for the first time you try to run a cloud-based load test when there is no active connection to a Visual Studio account from your Team Explorer. You shouldn’t notice this issue in subsequent runs.
    • Workaround: Restart Visual Studio. Go to Team Explorer, connect to a Team Foundation Service account. Then run the load test.


  • Importing results from a cloud-based load test fails the first time
    • Issue: After I run my load test using Team Foundation Service, the ‘Download Result’ operation fails with the following error: “There was an error while importing the result file. Details: The system cannot find the file specified. After correcting the problem open the results from Load Test Manager”.
    • Workaround: This issue is seen in certain cases only for the first time after installation of Visual Studio. Restart the machine and launch Visual Studio again. You will not face this problem.


  • Cannot record web performance tests
    • Issue: I cannot see the web performance test recorder in Internet Explorer, after I upgrade from Release Candidate/Preview build to the RTM version.
    • Workaround 1:  

  • Close all Internet Explorer windows and Visual Studio.  
  • 1. Delete the following registry keys


    Once again, we are sorry these issues slipped through and will fix them soon. In the meanwhile, if you notice any new issue or have questions/feedback, please leave a comment.


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