Testing Improvements in Team Foundation Service Update for TechEd 2013

Charles Sterling

As Brian said we have made a ton of improvements for Testers with the Team Foundation Service released during TechEd.  In looking at the last two sprints in TFS I see over 14 new features!

  1. Add/rename/delete new parameters and values to a test case
  2. Run a suite using a single gesture
  3. Drag and drop between suites and test cases
  4. Manage attachments to test steps in the test case creation/editing dialog
  5. Insert existing Shared Steps during Test case authoring
  6. Create test plans
  7. Create new test suite for selected test plan
  8. Add Requirement based suites to the selected test plan    
  9. Create Query based suites for the selected test plan    
  10. Use hierarchical queries for adding Test cases to a Test suite
  11. Add existing test cases to a static or requirements based suite
  12. Create new Shared Steps during Test case authoring
  13. Shift+Enter for multiline and ENTER for adding new row (Yeah!)    
  14. Create new test steps at any row instead of only at the end

Many of these features are self explanatory but thought i would high light some my favorites!

Add/rename/delete new attachments, parameters and values to a test case

image image

One of the best way for testers to walk through a test case is to have a rich information set guiding them during the execution.  By adding support for attaching images, shared steps and parameters testers should have a much better success when running their tests.  For more information on using these features see: http://tfs.visualstudio.com/en-us/create-tests


Run all the test cases in an entire suite using a single gesture    

image image

Being able to execute all the Test cases in a Test suite is a huge convenience and one that we have added to the Test Hub in this Team Foundation Server service release. 

For a walk through of running tests see: http://tfs.visualstudio.com/en-us/run-tests


Drag and drop Test cases to Test suites


I am invariably creating Test cases in the root of a Test plan and enabling dragging and dropping Test cases to different Test suites is a huge benefit that i have already had to use several times!

Create Test plans and new types of Test suites

image image

The intent is for Testers to be able to do most of there work from the Test hub of Team Foundation Server and being able to create Test suites: static, query based and hierarchical and Test plans really facilitate this!

For a great walk through of using these features please see: http://tfs.visualstudio.com/en-us/create-a-test-plan


Shift+Enter for multiline and ENTER for adding new row    


I am so happy this was changed to match the Microsoft Test Manager keystrokes!  I have lost track of how many times i have messed up demos due to hitting enter to get a new step.


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