Microsoft Test Manager: Customization of test result fields and marking test results as NA

Anisha Pindoria

As part of the MTM enhancements in the  Visual Studio Update 2, we introduced a feature to customize the test result analysis fields like ‘Resolution’ and ‘Failure type’. Different projects may have different reporting needs and this feature lets you do just that. You can customize the values that appear in these fields based on your project requirements, using a simple command. This nice post by Colin Dembovsky talks in detail about this capability. 


We also introduced a new test outcome state called ‘Not applicable’ for marking test results in MTM or the TEST hub. When you are doing your testing, you may come across test cases that are not relevant to your current test pass or they might be referring to areas in your application that are yet to be implemented. In such cases, you do not want to leave theses test cases unmarked, or use some other state to denote this condition as these may get wrongly interpreted. This new ‘Not applicable’ state lets you deal with these situations. 


You can mark a test as ‘Not applicable’ from the Test->Run tests tab in MTM:


You can also do this from the test runner:


You could access this state from the TEST hub in TFS web access:


This can also be done from the web test runner:



Other enhancements done in VS Update 2:

  1. Cloning of test plans in Microsoft Test Manager
  1. Light weight browser based test management and execution



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