Test Case Migrator Plus V1.2 released

Gautam Goenka [MSFT]

We have completed the release of the Test Case Migrator Plus (V1.2 RTM) on CodePlex.

What’s new for the V1.2 RTM version

  • Support for connecting to Hosted Team Foundation Server Preview.
  • Support for connecting to Team Foundation Server 11 Beta.
  • Fix to issue with read-only attribute being set for LinksMapping-ReportFile which may have led to problems when saving the report file.
  • Fix to issue with “related links” not being set properly in certain conditions.
  • Fixes to ensure that tool works fine when the Excel file contained rich text data.
    • Note: Data is still imported in plain text only.


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  • mounika indra 0

    Hi , I have downloaded Test case migrator plus zip folder from https://archive.codeplex.com/?p=tcmimport link and i am not able to see ‘testcasemigratorplus.exe’ in folder when i extract it.Please let me know from where i can launch 

    • Payal Desai 0

      did you find the EXE. s ame with me too. I dd not

      • Frédéric CHAPUS 0


        It’s a bit old but I share my experience anyway.

        I also couldn’t find any .exe in the archive so I had to recompile sources in the archive (with Visual Studio 2017 15.3 I think, not sure).

        Then when I launched the compiled tool against TFS 2017 I got an error. So I had to patch sources then recompile.
        Info are here: https://www.sharepointpals.com/post/how-to-migrate-the-test-cases-from-an-excel-to-tfs/

        Otherwise, I you don’t want to recompile, I have build a chocolatey package I can share with you if interested (from patched sources).
        I tested it with with TFS 2017, TFS 2018 and Azure DevOps Server 2019.1.1 RC.

  • Joy Asthana 0

    Same here, all the download links are redirecting to same page. After clicking, Download Archive, its downloads a Zip file that doesn’t have any executable.

      • Frank Corrao 0

        Can you send the fixed version to my email @ lordrhystower@gmail.com or send the patch files, you can no longer access the files on Codeplex just the base tcimport.zip that doesn’t work.


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