Team Services Extensions Monthly Roundup

Joe Bourne

It’s been 9 months since we launched our new extensibility platform and Marketplace for Team Services and it has been exciting. So far we’ve seen

  • Over 200 publicly published extensions…
  • Totaling over 110,000 acquisitions…
  • Across ~25,000 Team Services accounts who have extensions installed!

With such a rich set of publishers and extensions coming to our marketplace, we want to start taking the opportunity once a month to highlight some of our favorite extensions or publishers. This month, we’re featuring a new publisher to Team Services who is at the top of our trending charts the past 4 weeks.

Michael Seidel and his partners at have published 3 extensions to the marketplace, and have been getting stellar ratings & reviews. With their fast adoption and high quality, they’re worth a look from any Team Services user.

Definition of Done

Does your scrum team rely on your Definition of Done to ensure the right valuable activities take place while developing your product? If so, then this extension helps make sure your team sees your DoD right where you need it. With DoD, you’ll get to view/edit your team’s definition of done as a new tab inside your work items.

See it in the Marketplace:



This extension allows you to create and define the applicable Personas for your project. You can then assign Personas to work items by tagging the work item with the applicable Persona and bring up their details right from the work item form.

See it in the Marketplace:


Product Vision

With this extension you can easily set a product vision and make sure it is visible to all team members as a dashboard widget or under the work hub!

See it in the Marketplace:


I’ll be on the lookout for extensions to feature in the future, so if you’d like to see yours (or someone else’s) here, then let me know on Twitter!



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