Team Services December Extensions Roundup

Joe Bourne

It is the holiday season and we get to look back on a fantastic year for the Team Services Marketplace! Thanks to our growing publisher community there are 321 extensions in the Marketplace and November was one of the best months ever for our installation traffic. 2017 is full of potential as we continue to invest and grow our ecosystem. This month I’ve got two extensions for you, one of them is a must have for our Work Item users. Happy Holidays!

See it in the Marketplace:

Big and small teams rejoice! The need to create small temporary queries to find that pesky work item you lost track of is gone! With Work Item Search, you get fast and flexible text search of all Work Item fields across all projects in your account.

  • Search all of your Work Item fields – You can easily search across all work item fields, including custom fields, which enables more natural searches. The snippet view indicates where matches were found.


  • Inline search filters help you narrow it down, fast – The dropdown list of suggestions helps complete your search faster. For example, a search such as “AssignedTo: Chris WorkItemType: Bug State: Active” finds all active bugs assigned to a user named Chris.


Code Coverage Widgets

See it in the Marketplace:

Dashboard widgets are great because so many interesting scenarios can be enabled there. Code Coverage Widgets adds another set of tools for those who want to stay on top of the quality of new code for a growing project. This widget displays the percentage of unit test code coverage based on a selected build definition. If a build definition does not have any unit tests results recognized by the widget or if has not yet been configured, it will indicate so with a message displayed within the widget.


The widget has two customizable properties

  • Title – Title of the widget as it is displayed on the dashboard.
  • Build Definition – The build definition you want code coverage displayed for on the widget.


You will be able to make your dashboard a build status powerhouse with Code Coverage Widgets!


    I’ll be on the lookout for extensions to feature in the future, so if you’d like to see yours (or someone else’s) here, then let me know on Twitter!



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