Team Foundation SDK Improved for VS 2010

Allen Clark

Back in January, I wrote this post that showed that we really needed to change directions on the SDK content. The major elements of the new approach are

Throw out what was there because it wasn’t working Deliver a new set of SDK content that covers at least the core elements of the client object model. Add to that based on feedback Leverage good blog posts and other content in the community

Since then, we’ve fleshed out the coverage of the client object model, added the server object model, and we’re about to publish content that covers the build process object model. Well, “covers” is probably an over-statement. The APIs are all listed, and we’ve added descriptions where we’ve had time to. We’ll continue to add more descriptions and samples based on what we see you using, and the feedback that you provide in this blog. (We were not planning to cover the build process object model until we heard in this blog that you need that). Although we haven’t recieved a lot of ratings, if you believe the numbers that we have, this new approach seems to be working. The ratings for the SDK content are about on par with other content for Team Foundation. Given where we were at the beginning of the year, that’s a big improvement.

What’s missing now? Some things are obvious – we need more descriptions and samples in the most highly read reference topics. I’ll look at page views to determine what to do first. Also, when you leave a comment on a specific page, either through the feedback control or as “community content” comment, I’ll put those at the top of the backlog. So far, I’ve been able to handle all of those the same cycle that we receive them….(read more)


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