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Allen Clark

Earlier this year, I noted that I had seen a bad trend in ratings for the Team Foundation SDK content , and that we were going to change course in order to try to correct that. We published the new Team Foundation SDK for VS 2010 in late June, and I’ve been watching the feedback. Although the SDK content is far from complete, it looks like we’re on track to delivering what you need. This post will look at how the SDK content did in July. Summary

The the Team Foundation SDK content recieved page views on par with Version Control and Build content. The root topic Extending Team Foundation was viewed more times than 99% of all other Visual Studio ALM topics. Although there were only 3 raters in July, the average rating was 3.33, a substantial improvement over the TF SDK in VS 2005 (2.32) and in VS 2008 (1.51).

Details First, for context, I looked at the major sections of ALM content, and found that Team Foundation has more page views than any other section of ALM content.

In fact, Team Foundation content also has the best ratings, the most raters, and the most feedback.

Breaking Team Foundation down, I found that the SDK is getting respectable page views, in line with Version Control and Build. (In reality, the way I’m slicing this, build and version control are undercounted with some of their page views credited to administration.)

I wanted to understand the page views a litte better, so I looked at root topic for the Team Foundation SDK ( Extending Team Foundation ). In July, with 2010 page views, it was viewed more often than 99% of the other topics in VS ALM content. I also compared Extending Team Foundation to similar topics covering other areas of the SDK for VS ALM, and found that it recieved almost as many page view as all the other topics that I looked at put together. It was also the only topic of this set that recieved ratings or feedback.

Overall, the rating for the Team Foundation SDK content for VS 2010 in July was 3.33.

That’s a little low for Team Foundation content, but substantially better than what we’ve seen in the past (2.32 for the TF SDK in VS 2005 and 1.51 in VS 2008). Verbatim Feedback Although there weren’t many, here are the comments from July for the Team Foundation SDK content for VS 2010. Extending Team Foundation

I very VERY much appreciate the new SDK with the images and the chart on this page. I like the new concepts and I can’t wait to dig in deeper. Where is the documentation for the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Workflow assembly? It contains all of the out of the box workflow activities used in Team Build and desperately need some documentation. If anything, API documentation will be sufficient until more substantive guidance is written. Thanks! -Ed Blankenship, Microsoft MVP (TFS)

ConnectOptions Enumeration (Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Common)

Missing critical Description values for both items in the enum.

I’m going to go take a look at the ConnectOptions enum before the end of the day today, and I’ve been talking with the writer who covers Build about how to approach the build activities….(read more)


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