Remote Connections and Geograpically Dispersed Development


In response to a post from Tony dated 12/16/05 (sorry for the delay, I was on a skiing vaca) asking: “do you have anything on team foundation server source control for geographically dispersed development?”…

Team Foundation Server provides support for distributed teams to use source control through the Team Foundation Server proxy. The proxy manages a cache of downloaded source control files in the location of the distributed team. Letting the proxy manage the downloading and caching of source files significantly reduces the bandwidth needed across wide area connections. By configuring the client to use the proxy, management of the files is transparent to the user. Any metadata exchange and file uploads continue to interface directly with the Team Foundation Server.

— although we haven’t yet developed a set of ‘best practice’ topics for Team Foundation Server users who themselves are geographically dispersed or are trying to access access source controlled items that are geographically dispersed, we do have some useful information available for learning about the Team Foundation Server Proxy and how it relates to source control, as well as understanding and configuring the Team Foundation Server Proxy config file.

Keep those inquiries coming.



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