Questions about using CFD with Visual Studio Team System


Daniel sent in a few questions regarding my previous post about using cumulative flow diagrams (CFD) with Visual Studio Team System.

Daniel writes:

Hi there

We currently implement the sprint backlog, CFD and reporting via sharepoint portal for our current .NET 1.x work and I wondered if we were to move to VSTS would the following issues be addressed:

  1. Should continue with this arrangement or would you advise the spreadsheet approach for better integration with foundation server
  2. Would VSTS allow us manage more visibly when a task is deferred and the subsequent time reallocated to those critical P1 ( e.g. UAT fix) tasks – think authorisation and automated emails to all those manager types! 
  3. Allow us to map the product requirements more closely to sprint backlog items – think folder view and progress reports.

If there are blogs and or whitepapers that will assist in answering these questions then please  
let me know.




Hi Daniel,

 Visual Studio Team System should be able to help you.

  1.  Visual Studio Team System integrates with Windows SharePoint Services, and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. When you create a new team project, a project portal is created in Windows SharePoint Services for hosting team documents and information. A reporting Web site is also created for team reports. If your team is used to working with Windows SharePoint Services and reports, you can continue using them with Visual Studio Team System.


  2. Yes and no. You can mark tasks as deferred, and it is possible to receive e-mail notifications (called project alerts) when work items change. However, by default, it is not possible to adjust the granularity of the alerts. For example, you cannot tell VSTS to only send you e-mail when a task is deferred, but not when it is reactivated.
    Note that that you can customize the granularity of alerts with the Visual Studio SDK. For more information, download the Visual Studio SDK from, and look for the WorkItemUpdatedEventHandler.
  3. Visual Studio Team System supports linking, and you can link documents to work items (such as sprint backlog items), as well as other work items. You can also build reports against the historical activity of the work items. So I think the answer is yes, it just depends on how you decide to set it up in Visual Studio Team System.


A good place to look for information and get answers is the Visual Studio Team System forums (

Hope this helps,



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