Practical guidance for TFVC and TFS on Azure IaaS

Willy-P. Schaub

The Visual Studio ALM Rangers are pleased to highlight new and updated practical guidance that landed recently.

TFS Planning, DR avoidance and TFS on Azure IaaS v1.4.BETA has shipped!

image The new guidance now includes practical, scenario-based guidance for the implementation of Team Foundation Server (TFS) on Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). We guide you through the planning and setup, based on a real-world proof-of-concept production deployment and experience from the ALM Rangers “in-the-field”.

TFS Planning Guide has been updated

TFS on Azure IaaS Guides are new

Guidance based on a functional proof-of-concept (POC) companion:

Version Control guidance v3.BETA flight has landed

image Third version of this blockbuster guidance has been split into separate topics as summarized below, allowing you to pick the “world” (guide) you are interested in. This release delivers a new crisper, more compact style, which is easier to consume on multiple devices without sacrificing any content. The content is updated and aligns with the latest Visual Studio technologies and incorporates feedback from the readers of the previous guidance.
image The guidance uses “friendlier” strategy names. For example, the new Release Isolation name is more meaningful than the Basic – Single Branch used in the past.image

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