Application Insights in DevDays Finland

Charles Sterling

It is always very interesting to see how different technologies are adopted at different rates in different geographies for instance MSMQ initially had its largest user base Australia.  In rolling out Application Insights we have seen a large uptake in Europe namely Netherlands and Finland.  In the case of MSMQ the cause was unreliable and expensive broadband connects in the case of Application Insights I am pretty certain it was a case of granting access to influencers in those regions as the first Application Insights customers.   In either case the flow on effect is that DevDays in Finland will have NOT one but two sessions on Application Insights.  The first on the new search and logging integration with Application Insights and the second session by is a case study by the largest ISV in Finland and how they are using Application Insights. (Abstract still pending)

For more information please see:

DevDays 2.10.2014 agenda is forming and call for presentations


Application Insights beyond console.log,
Peter Orneholm, Active Solutions

More and more of the logic of a web application is moved to the
client, and so also persistent error logging, right? It’s probably so that any
errors that occur on the client side never reach beyond console.log(). It’s
here that Application Insight comes to our rescue.

Application Insight in Visual Studio Online allows you to monitor
and gather data about the flow on the client to get to know your web
application in depth. You will get an introduction to how Application Insight
works and how we can integrate it with AngularJS, KnockoutJS and VanillaJS.


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