Package Management: Maven Public Preview

Calvin Jones (MSFT)

We’re proud to announce that VSTS Package Management now supports hosting Maven artifacts! Java developers, you can now share components by packaging your code up as a Maven artifact and pushing it to VSTS.

Get Started using Maven

To opt-into the Maven Public Preview, ask your account administrator to go to the Preview Features menu under the user account menu, select “for this account” from the dropdown, and enable “Maven for Package Management”:


Note that only account administrators can enable account-scoped features like Maven support.

Once the feature’s been enabled, navigate to the Packages hub of any VSTS project, create a new feed, and click the Connect to Feed button. Then navigate to the Maven tab:


For experienced Maven users, Connect to Feed should provide enough guidance to start hosting Maven artifacts in VSTS! For more detailed instructions, check out our getting started guide.

Future Investments

  • Enable authentication from the Maven VSTS Build tasks to Package Management feeds
  • Retention policies for Maven artifacts

We’d love your feedback on the experience! Send us a smile with your feedback and we’ll be in touch.


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