Now available: Azure DevOps Server 2022.0.1

Gloridel Morales

Today, we released Azure DevOps Server 2022.0.1 RTW. This is our final release of Azure DevOps Server 2022.0.1. You can directly install Azure DevOps Server 2022.0.1 or upgrade from Azure DevOps Server 2022.0.1 RC, Azure DevOps Server 2022, Team Foundation Server 2015 or newer versions of the product.

You can find the full details of the fixes we’ve included with this release in our release notes.

Here are some key links:

We’d love for you to install this release and provide any feedback at Developer Community.


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  • Robert Gunter 0

    We had noticed an issue with the search in Azure DevOps 2022. When applying filters the data returned wasn’t a full list. After applying the RC1 the search results are correct but the look and feel is totally different. We’re back to the UI from the previous version. Also doesn’t include wiki results. Is this expected? Was the search functionality modified?

      • Gloridel MoralesMicrosoft employee 0

        Hi Robert, I forwarded your comments to the engineering team and will get back to you once I hear back from them.

    • Gloridel MoralesMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi Robert, our engineers tried to replicate this issue and the search filter bar is working as expected. Did you try installing RTW and are you still seeing the same issue? If you are still seeing the same problem, go ahead and open a support ticket so that our team can assist.

  • Joakim Spehar 0

    Hi, If you already have patch 3 installed in Azure DevOps Server 2022, whats the new features and fixes exklusive for Azure DevOps Server 2022.0.1?

    • Gloridel MoralesMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi Joakim, you can find the list of fixes in the release notes.

  • Andres Colodrero 1

    I recently installed Version Azure DevOps Server 2022.0.1 RC1 (AzureDevOpsServer_20230309.1) and got an issue with CodeSearch.
    It looks like my previous version of AZDO 2020 was running Elastic5, and now going over Elastic 7 i get this issue:

    [2023-05-20T10:39:07,230][ERROR][o.e.b.Bootstrap ] ] Exception
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: The index [projectsearchshared_1_1310/rEvMLg8hSmqFGBCE7zyLxA] was created with version [5.4.1] but the minimum compatible version is [6.0.0-beta1]. It should be re-indexed in Elasticsearch 6.x before upgrading to 7.17.5.
    [2023-05-20T10:39:07,246][INFO ][o.e.n.Node ] [] stopping …
    [2023-05-20T10:39:07,277][INFO ][o.e.n.Node ] [] stopped
    [2023-05-20T10:39:07,277][INFO ][o.e.n.Node ] [] closing …
    [2023-05-20T10:39:07,308][INFO ][o.e.n.Node ] [] closed

    I didnt have this issue on test environment. I left Azdo 2022 running but i configured CodeSearch with th eold version of elasticsearchv6.2 (it is running fine).

    How can i reindex all index to be elastic 6 compatible? i guess after that, i would be able to install elastic7

    • Gloridel MoralesMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi Andres, you will have follow the steps listed in this blog post to Install New Search.

  • John Warren 0

    If we have DevOps 2022 patch 3 installed, is it just a case of running the downloadable .exe to upgrade to 2022.01 ???.

    • Neno Loje 0

      @John Warren: The upgrade to Server 2022 Update 0.1 (2022.0.1) is a proper update. While it can be downloaded as .EXE or .ISO, it’s a proper upgrade (meaning it will uninstall and re-configure Azure DevOps). So it’s a bigger effort than the quick and easy patches.

      MVP, Azure DevOps

      • John Warren 0

        Thanks for the reply Neno, we currently have two application servers, do both servers need to be upgraded at the same time??? So that both servers are running 20220.0.1???



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