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Charles Sterling


One of the ALM MVPs, Marcel de Vries, has been spending a ton of time writing CodeUI Tests.  Thankfully Marcel decided to take this hard earned knowledge and convert it into a class on best practices for Implementing Coded UI testing.


Session information below:

This course is targeted at Testers and Developers that want to get started with CodedUI to automate their tests for different types of applications, like WPF, Windows, Xaml based Store apps and of course Web Applications (HTML5 and Java script based). It also includes more advanced topics for building maintainable automation frameworks for your application and building Data Driven UI tests, also know as keyword driven tests.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

This module covers the concepts of test automation, CodedUI architecture and writing your first test on all different technologies (Windows, Wpf, Web and Xaml based Windows Store apps)

Module 2: Record and Playback

Covers an introduction to Record & Playback, explains the UItest files, code generation and how to use the recorder and editor

Module 3: Understanding the Object model

Covers the Class hierarchy that is used by CodedUI to run against any UI technology, covers different wait methods, how search works, and how to hand code against the object model and trade offs between record and playback v.s. code first

Module 4: Managing search and playback

covers all the SearchConfiguration options and playback settings to improve playback and cover certain corner cases for playback.

Module 5: Handling big projects

Covers how to write maintainable tests for your application using Solid, Dry and DAMP principles. Covers Page Object Pattern and shows how to build Fluent Scenario’s when applying the Page Object Pattern.

Module 6: Analyzing playback failures

Short module on how to enable debugging and logging and fix errors

Module 7: Cross browser playback

Covers how to build Cross browser tests (hence my questions and perseverance on the questions I guess :-))

Module 8: Data driven UI tests

Covers how to leverage MS Test DataSource attribute to drive your tests, covers all data source types and shows how to build a key word driven UI test framework by applying all the previous learned topics.

The whole course is now available online at


About Marcel:

More than 15 years of experience in professional software development using the Microsoft development platform. Building enterprise information systems for fortune 500 companies most of them situated in the Netherlands. Expert in Application Life Cycle Management and improving software development practices in the enterprise. Microsoft awarded ALM MVP and Regional Director for the Netherlands.


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