Free ALM Webinars from Northwest Cadence

Charles Sterling

Steve and his team is offering a free set of Webinars for the ALM World!

Thanks Steve!

**Northwest Cadence Complementary Webcast/Training events:******

  • Using Kanban: Microsoft Jump Start March 5

  • Production-ready with Azure DevTest March 6

  • Using Git with Visual Studio 2013: Microsoft Jump Start March 12

  • Enterprise Agility is not an Oxymoron: Microsoft Jump Start March 19

  • Continuous Delivery with MS Release Management March 20

  • Enterprise Agility is Not an Oxymoron: Microsoft Jump Start March 26

  • Enterprise Agility is Not an Oxymoron March 31

  • Production-ready with Azure DevTest April 3

  • Continuous Delivery with MS Release Management April 17

**Northwest Cadence –in-person events******

Northwest Cadence Training Offerings:



​Steven Borg | Northwest Cadence Co-Founder and Strategist |@stevenborg

Steven Borg has 20 years of experience in the software development space and has been a Microsoft ALM MVP since product inception in 2005. Steven is the Co-Founder of Northwest Cadence, a company specializing in software development processes that provides training and consulting services to companies worldwide. He speaks regularly at software development and Visual Studio conferences and has authored courseware and white papers on Team Foundation Server, regulatory compliance in software development, Scrum, and Lean. Steven has helped hundreds of organizations, both large and small, improve their software development process, reduce costs, increase quality, and speed delivery. His expertise lies in bringing successful lean and agile adoption to companies currently using traditional project management techniques to manage software development projects.
Steve is a dynamic and professional presenter and has delivered multiple sessions at Microsoft TechEd, the ALM Summit, Mitchell International DevCon, TechFuse, VSLive, and many more. He was awarded speaking slots at the 2013 TechEd N America and Europe Pre-Conference Days on Enterprise Agility and was one of the top-ranked presenters.


Cheryl M. Hammond | Northwest Cadence ALM Consultant and Practices Team Lead | @bsktcase

Cheryl Hammond has more than 14 years of experience as a software developer in the private and public sectors. She led her team’s successful adoption of Scrum for a mission-critical regulatory compliance project under multi-agency state and federal government oversight, all of which lead her to believe that anything is possible. She is not sorry for her many biases, including strong preferences for servant-style leadership and team-based, holistic problem-solving, along with a strong aversion to agile zealotry. Cheryl leads the Northwest Cadence Practices Team, focusing on the ways in which agility, architecture, and test practices improve the lives of developers, strengthen teams, and deliver better software. ​ ​



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