New Boards Hub Update, Sprint 221

Dan Hellem

Our team remains dedicated to improving New Boards Hub by addressing any issues that may arise. We’re happy to report that the New Boards Hub has been steadily progressing with each sprint. Although it is not quite ready for general availability yet, we’re making significant strides with each iteration. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates. In the meantime, we’ve resolved a number of bugs in sprint 221, which we’ve listed below.

Notable bugs fixed

Issue Description
Links count on form when using search When using search and traversing through results. The links count does not get updated when moving from one work item to the next.
Extension registration name and async Wrong registration name and async execution order must be used correctly. See response in feedback ticket for details.
removeWorkItemRelations(WorkItemRelation[]) causing errors azure-devops-extension-api is returning Error: Work item link type end 'Related Workitem' does not exist when using removeWorkItemRelations(WorkItemRelation[])
Boards filter not working with direct link Boards filter is not being applied when loading the Kanban page by a direct link.
Limit the number of sprints on planning panel Backlogs > Planning panel is showing more than 10 sprints in the list.
Issues with comment history Edit a comment and see the history of the comment is not showing a before and after picture correctly.
Boards settings, Status badge error Getting error on page when clicking on boards Settings > Status badge.
Unable to create query from sprint Clicking Create Query link from sprint does not work.
Disabled work item types are being displayed Disabled work item types will still be displayed under the New Work Item link on Kanban and Sprint board.
Tags on query results flash issue When adding the tags column, if the number of tags exceeds the width of the column, tags will flash and create page performance problems.
Move to iteration for incomplete items Incomplete items are not being moved when using the Move to iteration option.
Move to iteration to default Invalid node id error when trying to move item to backlog using the Move to iteration option.

We appreciate and need your feedback to ensure the New Boards Hub is successful.

Feel free to email me with any issues you find.


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