Link unfurling (preview) in Azure Pipelines app for Slack

Atin Bansal

Lots of conversations in Slack start with links. With the new release of the Azure Pipelines app for Slack, pasting a URL to a build or release in Azure Pipelines now shows a rich preview of the pipeline. This adds context to the link and save users clicks to navigate to Azure DevOps and see if they need to act on it.

For example, pasting a link to a build shows the details of the build and the current status.

Build Link unfurl

The release card also shows details of the release and status of the first 3 stages of the release.

URL unfurling for releases

There are a couple of things needed to get URL unfurling to work:

If you are already using the Azure Pipelines app, please click here and accept the Slack permissions needed for the feature to work.

Instead, if you are installing the app for the first time, you will automatically go through this process as part of the app installation.

The user pasting the URL needs to be logged in to the app. The preview only works if the poster has access to the build or release pipeline

Do let us know if you have any feedback on the Azure DevOps feedback portal or by using the /azpipelines feedback command in the app.


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