Level up your skills with Bicep!

April Edwards

This week, it’s all about Bicep!

On this week’s episode of The DevOps Lab we have John Downs talking about how to skill up on Bicep. Bicep is the new language for deploying your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) on Azure. It’s much simpler to write and read than JSON ARM templates, and it provides type safety and better modularity. All Azure resources supported by ARM templates are also supported by Bicep, and Bicep enables you to easily build complex deployments for all of your Azure infrastructure.

To unlock the power of Bicep, take the learning paths on Microsoft Learn. They guide you through the basic syntax and simple scenarios all the way to increasingly complex Bicep files. You’ll learn how Azure represents various types of resources and how you can deploy and configure them using Bicep. You’ll also learn tons of practical tips and proven best practices from engineers throughout Microsoft and the community.

Getting Started

Get started right away and install Bicep.

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