Learn Live – Scale your cloud resources with elasticity

Jay Gordon

One of the best parts of being an Azure Cloud Advocate is the community interaction with people just getting their feet wet in the world of tech. I was recently asked to take part in the Learn Live series of live streams to help people take their first steps in understanding why elasticity makes the cloud move. All of these sessions are based on Microsoft Learn modules that can provide you with the skills to start becoming a cloud pro. This time, we cover the “Scale your cloud resources with elasticity” Microsoft Learn module.

In this session, I am joined by Dwitrisha Saha, Microsoft Student Ambassador, to dig deep into how to optimize your cloud service. We describe common load patterns and how these patterns drive the need to scale, they’ll discuss strategies and considerations in scaling cloud applications, show the importance of load balancing and provide methods to achieve it. Finally, we also discuss the benefits of serverless computing and serverless functions.

Cloud elasticity is the ability of your cloud service to continually reallocate and redistribute resources to adapt to changing demands. With proper automation and strategy, you can increase your service’s computing power to better support your development. With metrics, loadbalancers, autoscaling, and good strategy you can ensure greater reliability

We were extremely lucky to have Senior Cloud Advocate and incredible artist, Nitya Narasimhan to watch our session and “sketchnote” the ideas conveyed. This artifact is so helpful to be able to trace the different parts of our presentation with a visual representation. You can review all of Nitya’s Cloud Skills Visualized sketchnotes at this website. You’ll find high-resolution versions of these images for all of our different sessions.

skechnote of session by @nitya

These sessions are all streamed on Microsoft LearnTV! LearnTV is your digital home to countless programs on expanding your knowledge of Microsoft products, features, announcements, and of course technical demos! Want to catch up on the rest of the series? No problem! Head over to the Channel 9 Learn Live page to review the other prior and future sessions. You’ll learn to Sharpen Your Cloud Skills with Microsoft Principal Program Manager Lee Stott , along with Dr. Majd Sakr and Marshall An from Carnegie Mellon University, and a recent graduate from the course, David R. Galbreath. Take on Cloud Security with Dean Bryen, Christina Pardali, and Carnegie Mellon University. There’s plenty to learn, so let’s learn live together.


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