Group By Tags for Chart Widget


We are excited to announce the public preview of the Group By Tags capability for the Chart Widget!

Customers can now group by tags when creating a chart with the Charts Widget. Customers use tags more and more to organize and track their work and have long been frustrated with not being able to visualize that work by tags in a chart.

The existing chart widget has the same experience but now the “Tags” option is available in the Group by selection drop down.

Image GroupBy SelectTags3

Once “Tags” is selected you can filter by all tags or select specific tags.

Image GroupBy AllTags2Image GroupBy SpecificTags2## Group By Tags for Chart Widget

We are currently in public preview and the team is hard at work addressing feedback and bugs with GA targeted for later this month.


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  • Szabolcs EÖTVÖS 0

    Hi Martina!

    Great news, much needed feature, for years! I quickly checked, it is not yet available for us, what do I need to do in order to get access to this? (Besides waiting a bit :))

  • Nicholson, Ben 0

    fantastic – much appreciated

  • Özer Erdoğan 0

    Thanks, great news! We’ve been looking for this feature.

  • Piotr Mroczek 0

    Great News! We have been waiting for such feature for a while 😉
    …but is there any specific query needed to activate “tags” feature? We tried a few but “grouping by tags” simply seems not working :/

  • MartinaMicrosoft employee 0

    You’ll need to enable the feature by turning on the “Group By Tags” in your user profile. We’re enabling it by default so you should see it automatically by next week. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Sadok Bouchoucha 0

      Hello Martina,

      I see the feature is enbaled on my profile ADO but I can’t see the “TAG”.

      Do you have an idea?

      Thank you

    • Szabolcs EÖTVÖS 0

      Thanks, we are already using it 🙂

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