Generating excel reports for load test runs done in between 03/19-03/31

Deepak.Singhal [MSFT]

Recently there was a bug caused in our system due to which customers will not be able to see the relevant data in the Excel reports for their runs done during the following period. This will affect only the excel report generation of the run.


Incident start time – 03-19-2015 11:00:00

Incident end time –  04-01-2015 23:55:55


So if you have any run that was done within the above time range, you will not see the counters/samples in excel report for them.



We have been working on improving the reliability and scalability of our results storage to support higher user load. As part of recent changes we missed updating the cumulative values for performance counter samples that is required for excel report generation feature to work flawlessly. Customers have reported that they are not able to see any counter in the excel while generating reports.



Though we are going to fix this soon in our service but for the runs done during the above mentioned time, user will have to run a SQL script. This SQL script is designed to calculate the cumulative values for performance counter samples at customer’s end and update the results DB accordingly. It is only required to be run once per run basis.


Please note that it will not be required for runs that you queue on our service post 04/01 (Wednesday).


Mitigation steps:

  1. Download the attached SQL file.
  2. Connect to the Load Test Results DB in SQL Management Server Studio/Visual Studio.
  3. Run the SQL code present in the file.


This SQL script will find out the runs done during the incident time period and update the sample values so that excel plugin works fine.


After this you should be able to generate excel reports for the load test runs.



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