EnC Improvements for .NET Debugging in Visual Studio 2015

Andrew B Hall - MSFT

You may recall that we previously asked you how important Edit and Continue is to your workflow and what current limitations are most painful. While removing these limitations is an ongoing process we’re pleased to announce that a number of previously unsupported edits are now supported in Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6. These include:

  • Adding methods, fields, constructors, properties, events, indexers, field and property initializers, and nested and top-level types (including delegates, enums, interfaces, abstract and generic types)
  • Modifying bodies of constructors (including constructor initializers), expression-bodied members, and field and property initializers
  • Adding and modifying methods that use the following types and features:
  • Reordering type members and type parameter constraints
  • Refactoring code using extract method and inline temporary variable when using Ctrl + .

Additionally we added Make Object ID support to the new expression evaluators that support Lambda expressions including an updated syntax that is consistent with other debugger pseudo variables.

The managed languages team has written a blog post covering these enhancements in further detail on the C# blog I would encourage you to read.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know below, through Visual Studio’s Send a Smile feature or in our MSDN forum.


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