Directory of common test tools and utilities

Charles Sterling


One of the common challenges with getting started with a new technology is discovery of the tools and resources that can help you get started and increase your productivity…With that in mind the team has collected their list of favorite test tools:




UI Test

1. CUITe (Coded UI Test enhanced) Framework

2. UIMap Toolbox

3. Visual Studio Test Tooling Guidance

4. Diagnostic adapter for Visual Studio Coded UI Test using Windows PSR

5. Sample CodedUITest Extension for AJAXToolkit MaskedEditExtender 

6.Code First API Library, Scaffolding & Guidance for Coded UI Tests

7. Selenium components for Coded UI Cross Browser Testing

8. Visual Studio Coded UI Microsoft Word Add-in

Unit Test

1. a unit testing tool for the .NET Framework

2. Chutzpah – A JavaScript Test Runner

3. NUnit is a unit-testing framework for .Net languages

4. Gallio-VS2011-Integration

Load Testing

1. Web services and Silverlight plugin

2. WCF Load Test plugin

3. SQL Load Test plugin

Microsoft Test Manager

1. Test Scribe Extended

2. Community TFS Report Extensions

3. Test Case Extractor

4. QTP TFS Integration

Lab Management

1. Visual Studio Lab Management Guide


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