Azure DevOps 2023 Q3 Roadmap update

Gloridel Morales

Yesterday, we published updates to our product roadmap. It outlines our plans for the next two quarters, and future investments. The features listed below are a few highlights of what we plan to deliver in Q3. Visit our product roadmap for a complete look at the list of features for Q4.

We are excited about the future and the impact the features we plan to deliver will have on our customers’ success!

Azure Boards

For the last several months our team has been focused on collecting feedback about the New Boards Hubs and addressing bugs based on this feedback. This quarter we plan to turn on the New Boards Hubs as the default experience for Azure Boards. Check out this blog post to learn how you can turn on this feature.

Azure Pipelines 

In this quarter, we plan to bring you features that will help you improve the security of your Azure Pipelines. We will work on introducing support for Workload Identity federation for Azure service connections, bring improvements to YAML pipelines’ environments and Approvals & Checks, add controls for building PRs (pull requests) from forked GitHub repositories, and make the permissions for queuing pipelines more fine-grained.


Chart click thru to results by section

Over the years, there has been a consistent demand for the ability to select a specific subset of the work item chart. We are thrilled to announce that in this quarter, we are developing a drill-down functionality that will let you explore your work items in greater detail. With enhanced control over filtered query results, our goal is to deliver a seamless user experience that exceeds your expectations.

Rollup columns for query results

In addition, we plan to deliver Rollup Columns in queries. We have received numerous customer requests asking about this feature. This will let you have more complex filtering options based on state or other criteria, allowing for better control and adjustment of priorities. We are excited to provide a holistic view, enabling you to build portfolio-level dashboards using queries.

Test Plans

Currently, you can view code coverage percentage of the various DLL files being tested. However, in the case of monolith repositories, you can have multiple microservices under the same repository. Hence, making it difficult to quantify the code coverage of the individual microservices. Automated testing is solving this problem by highlighting code coverage insights at a source level. This will allow developers to better quantify the code coverage results of their microservices and take mitigation steps accordingly.

To learn more about these and other features we plan to deliver, check out our updated product roadmap at


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  • Pierre Letter 0

    My team uses DevOps Server and we struggle with change management on boards. Any thoughts on making it simpler to manage their lifecycle and integrate them I to the backlog once triaged? They feel very isolated.

    • Dan HellemMicrosoft employee 0

      Azure DevOps was not really designed as a change management solution. That said, there is plenty of customization opportunities available. You can create fields and rules to manage the work item types according to your workflow.

  • Camilo Terevinto 0

    Can we please, please, please get an update on organization-wide Libraries (variable groups) and/or Task Groups? Being able to share these cross projects is seriously needed for any organization following DevOps processes and multiple teams.

  • Michał H 0

    Hi. Question about this upcoming feature: “Rollup columns for query results”. Is it going to be available on dashboards as well? Am I going to be able to show query results with rollup column on a dashboard?

    • Neno Loje 0

      +1, for this request

      • Jihye EomMicrosoft employee 0

        Once we add the advanced option to add rollup columns to the Query page, it will enable creating dashboard widgets using queries. If you’d like to try out the feature during the private preview, feel free to reach out to our support team and let us know. We will provide another update on our roadmap once this feature becomes available in the private preview. Stay tuned with us!

  • Michael Blackstone 0


    Without fail, the HTML editor for the work items will improperly format something or do something unexpected, and it takes team members too much time to fix. Users have to be extremely careful not to use the most buggy features, like headers. This problem was solved in early in the internet age, yet ADO suffers from this in 2023??? I cannot think of a single program where we have as many issues with the HTML editor than ADO, because it is usually something you can just count on working.

  • Ninad Patil 0

    Can we request for 2FA feature for Azure DevOps server 2022

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