Azure Boards Fall Update


Azure Boards Fall Update

The Fall 🍂 is off to a busy start and I’m excited to provide updates for Delivery Plans 2.0, Extension Support and Copy Dashboard.

For Copy Dashboard, we are finalizing the second phase of Copy Dashboard where configuration and queries are carried over with the copy operation. I’ll post a separate announcement in the next week or so when it’s available for public preview.

Delivery Plans Improvements

We’ve made many improvements to Delivery Plans 2.0 based on your feedback. It’s now easier to visualize all work items with a dependency. All work items with a dependency will have a colored dependency icon. Red for dependencies with issues and light green for work items that have dependencies with no issues.


Extension support with Solidify AB

We have partnered with Solidify AB to maintain the following Azure DevOps extensions.

Solidify AB is a valued partner with expertise in Azure DevOps extensions. We’re excited about this engagement and the benefits it brings to our customers. Solidify AB will keep those extensions up to date and address recent feedback that is less than 2 years old. Use the support links on the extension to ask questions, open issues, and provide feedback. Repos will be used to prioritize how the extensions continue to evolve so continue engaging to let us know what’s important. News about the extensions will be posted in the extension repo as documentation and release notes.


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  • Vyankatesh Udawant 0

    Thank you for such useful information – MarathiMulga

  • Felipe Pimentel Augusto 0

    Great news!

  • Miles Johnson 0

    Hi Martina – thank you for the updates! We’re making great use of delivery plans for getting visibility of work across teams and up to executives … we are however struggling with one particular area: understand what controls the order of tickets in a given iteration on the delivery plan. We get strange behaviors and error messages when re-ordering tickets directly in the plan. The order shown doesn’t appear to match the backlog or sprint.

    The documentation here has so far been unhelpful, any other guidance would be greatly appreciated – thanks!

    Was looking out for an update on this area – but any guidance greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Mike 0

    Hi Martina,

    I’m always keen to see Azure Boards moving forward, but the 5 Oct changes seem to have introduced a small backward step that is causing my team a lot of difficulty – we can no longer use the text filter for the Kanban board with multiple text strings separated by spaces (for example, “UX P1” to see just the UX work items with a priority of 1 in their Title field. Now it appears that we can only filter on a single string, so either “UX” or “P1” but not both. Is this an intended change? Many thanks!

  • Altaf Hussain 0

    Thanks for sharing such a great information.

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