Azure Artifacts introduces new Upstreaming capabilities

Ankit Kumar

Azure Artifacts is announcing the long-desired feature of supporting Upstreams for Universal Packages across different ADO organizations.

For engineers using Azure Artifacts, Universal Packages are a useful tool when managing and sharing large packages across different feeds. They allow for utilizing packages that are not supported by Azure Artifacts, as well as packages that are larger than what Azure Artifacts limits allow. However, as useful as an engineer might find Universal Packages, they are not able to share them with other ADO organizations. If an engineer wanted to utilize a Universal Package created by someone they were collaborating with, the package had to live in the same organization as the feed they were trying to upstream to. This became a blocker when collaboration with other ADO organizations was needed.

To solve this problem, Azure Artifacts has now released the ability to Upstream to different ADO organizations to ingest Universal Packages into your feed. The only size limitation for the packages that can be ingested is up to 4TB, which is the limitation for Universal Packages. Upstreams for Universal Packages are also configured the same as upstreams for any other package type. Simply add an Upstream source and enter the ADO Services Feed locator, as before.

Other Resources

If you would like to utilize the ability to ingest Universal Packages from another organization, then use the following links for instructions and tips:

If you are using a local version of artifacttool, be sure to download version 0.2.204 or later:


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  • Konstantin Ivlev 0

    Great article, thank you!
    Unfortunately the link to “Set up cross org upstream sources for your feed” returns 404. Could you please update it to existing page? Thank you.

    • Ankit KumarMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi Konstantin, the links seems to be working for me now. Can you please try again?

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