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Community Health for Visual Studio Team System– Part 2 (details)

This post is the second in a series about who the Visual Studio Team System Community Council is, what goals we’re trying to accomplish, and what results we’ve seen so far. In the year between August 2006 and July 2007, the council monitored the following community initiatives:·        ...

Community Health for Visual Studio Team System– Part 1 (details)

As you read this blog post, you are part of the community for Visual Studio Team System. Having a healthy community is important not only for the long-term happiness of the customers (including yourself) but also the long-term success of the product. To help foster a healthy community, we have a working group called the Visual Studio Team ...

Community Health for Visual Studio Team System– Part 1

In the first in a series of blog posts, I begin to look at the various community initiatives for Visual Studio Team System, the metrics that give an understanding of "community health", and our plans for the next year in these areas. To read more, see

Why aren’t installation issues in the installation guide?

One of the Team Foundation managers recently asked me why we have a separate Readme document. The Readme, by definition, is for setup related issues, while the Known Issues document is for operational, non-setup issues. (You can view the Readme and Known Issue documents here:  We ...