Aseem Bansal [MSFT]

Principal Engineering Manager, Azure Devops - Pipeline

I am an engineer manager in Azure Devops Pipelines team.

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How do we use RM for our test runs

Authored by Gaurav Sisodia from EPS team and Aseem Bansal from RM team. In this post, we will talk about how VSTS organization (Brian Harry’s team) is using VSTS for continuous integration and testing the product. We will also talk about how we have transformed engineering systems from internal home grown tool, that we used to use for ...

How to execute tests locally using TCM.exe command-line?

I have seen a lot of customers who use TCM.exe to execute tests on remote environments, but I have not seen many who use the same command-line to execute the tests locally. Here by locally, I mean tests running on the developer’s/tester’s box,  which does not have any test controller or test agent and has only MTM. Yes, it’s possible to...