Art Garcia

Sr. Program Manager, Commercial Software Engineering

I have been in Software development for as long as I can remember. I have a passion for finding ways to do what can't be done. I have worked at small startups and large financial corporations which has given me a unique prospective on development and finding ways to answer hard questions using software. In my spare time I am a private pilot, avid hiker and cyclist. My superpower is explaining technical concepts in a way non-technical folks can understand. Currently working as a Sr. Program manager learning the business side of development.

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Copy a work item type using Azure DevOps API’s

So, we all love how we can manage engagements in Azure DevOps (ADO). We can create Epics, Features, User Stories and track our progress on Kanban boards. You can customize work item types to suit the needs of your business and project with ease. What if you wanted to copy a work item type you created and use it for another business case? There...