Announcing the Azure Boards app for Slack

Karthik RG

Slack is one of the most popular communication platforms used in organizations, and many developers rely on it to build software collaboratively. Very often, conversations in Slack contain ideas and insights, and can help identify product defects. The same conversations then can continue in Azure Boards where development teams actually plan and manage their work.

Today, we’re announcing a new Azure Boards app for Slack to make it easier for development teams to work across Azure Boards and Slack, maintaining the context of each conversation.

With this app, users can create work items using a slash command, or use message actions to convert conversations in the channel into work items. Users can also set up and manage subscriptions to get notifications in their channel whenever work items are created or updated. Additionally, previews for work item URLs enable users to initiate discussions around work.    

Create work item from your Slack channel


Use message actions to create work items from conversations in the channel


Get notified when a work item is created


Monitor changes to work items


Use work item URLs to initiate discussions around work items


For more details about the app, please take a look at the documentation or go straight ahead and install the app.

We’re constantly at work to improve the app, and in the near future you’ll see new features coming along, including the ability to @mention users when a work item is assigned to them. Please give the app a try and send us your feedback using the /azboards feedback command in the app or on Developer Community.