Announcing Git-LFS on all VSO Git repos

Saeed Noursalehi

All Visual Studio Online Git repos now support Git-LFS, with unlimited free storage! Git-LFS is an extension to Git that replaces large files in your repo with placeholder files, and stores the contents of those large files in a separate store on the server.  This allows you to add binary files to a repo without creating a lot of bloat in your repo’s history.  When used carefully, this can make it easier to manage binaries as part of your sources.

To use Git-LFS, simply install GitHub’s Git-LFS client, follow the Getting Started instructions to set it up and use it on your local repo, and then push to your VSO Git repo.  There is no need to configure anything on your VSO Git repo, it’ll just work.  Just make sure you can authenticate and you’ll be good to go (personal access tokens will make your life a lot easier).

VSO has always provided unlimited free storage for Git repos, and we are extending that to Git-LFS too.  You should still be careful and make sure to only include files in your repo that actually make sense for your needs, but do it because it makes sense for your team, not because of cost.

Coming soon, Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1 will also support Git-LFS.  There is currently one caveat to that, which is that the Git-LFS client doesn’t support NTLM authentication.  However, we are working on adding that feature and we will submit it to GitHub once it is ready.  We hope to land that around the same time that TFS 2015 Update 1 releases.

Saeed Noursalehi

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