A smorgasbord of great Webinars including: Performance and Load Testing Sept 18th

Charles Sterling

Steve Borg and Northwest Cadence has been doing a bunch of cutting work DevOps content and would love to share it w/ the world!

Their new series kicks off tomorrow (Sept 18th) with:


Performance and Load Testing

Performance and load testing are critical components of building high quality and scalable software. Visual Studio Ultimate provides scalable out-of-the-box tools to load test, from large systems with thousands of users, to small applications with a few dozen. Whatever your needs, the Visual Studio Ultimate tools can deliver the performance testing that you require.

This session will give you an introduction to on-premise and cloud-based load testing, web performance testing, utilizing test rigs, tips and tricks for effective testing, and examples from real customer experiences load testing their applications.

About Steve:

Steven Borg is the Co-Founder and Strategist at Northwest Cadence. He has been a Microsoft ALM MVP since product inception in 2005, speaks regularly at software development conferences and has authored books, courseware and white papers on Team Foundation Server, regulatory compliance in software development, Scrum and lean. Steven has helped hundreds of organizations, both large and small, adopt Visual Studio ALM tools to improve their software development process, reduce costs, increase quality and speed delivery dates. His expertise lies in bringing successful lean and agile adoption to companies currently using traditional project management techniques.


Sept. 18. 14 | Performance & Load Testing

Azure Series:

Oct. 02. 14 | Azure 101

Nov. 06. 14 | DevOps in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Dec. 04. 14 | Production-Ready with Azure DevTest

In person events:

Leadership Roundtables: Continuous Delivery with Azure, Agility and Automation

Oct. 14. 14 | Leadership Roundtable | Register | San Diego, CA

Oct. 15. 14 | Leadership Roundtable | Register | Irvine, CA

Oct. 16. 14 | Leadership Roundtable | Register | Palo Alto, CA

All of our events are listed on our events page here: www.nwcadence.com/events


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