Lilian Kasem (she/her)

Senior Software Engineer, Commercial Software Engineering

I code-with Microsoft customers and help them tackle their toughest technical problems, both in the cloud and on the edge. As part of that job, I get the opportunity to work with many Microsoft product teams which enables me to give back to the developer community through providing product feedback, sharing reusable resources and assets, and writing about projects and how my team and I unblock customers.

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Using Blockchain To Securely Transfer And Verify Files

MOOG came to CSE in hopes of building a technology solution that would prove the provenance and transfer of digital assets securely between parties. Working together, Microsoft and MOOG set out to develop a demo of this solution that leverages Azure and blockchain technology.

Analysing Bot to Human Hand-off Interactions

A common use case in the bot-verse is the ability to hand over a customer conversation from a bot to a human, and the vital need for a feedback loop for this kind of scenario. From this, we developed a Hand-off Dashboard Template that can be used within the Ibex dashboard to provide users with important information about how their bot and agents are working with customers.
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Bot to Human Handoff in Node.js

When considering bots, it’s often important for organizations to have the ability to “hand off” a customer from a bot to a human agent seamlessly. We implemented an unopinionated e-2-e solution called Handoff for bot authors to implement a variety of scenarios, using the Microsoft Bot Framework Node.js SDK.
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