VS 2013 Update 4 CTP 1 is Live!

Eric Battalio

Hello C++ World!

My name is Gabriel Ha; I’m a program manager on the Visual C++ team, and from everyone who worked to bring the following improvements to you, we are super excited to share the good news and look forward to hearing back on your experience!

Some of you out there, especially those of you who frequently work with large codebases, might have seen this prompt at times while performing a basic browsing operation like Go To Definition or Find All References:

This prompt blocks you from performing those operations, sometimes for more than 5 minutes! The reason this comes up is because we need to scan your solution to make sure database entries are fresh and updated (so that those operations perform correctly). This scanning occurs under three circumstances: when you first load the solution, on its own every hour, and when you force a Rescan Solution.

With today’s release of Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 CTP 1 (clicky clicky!) you can enjoy huge improvements to this workflow! Check out the numbers for yourself, which we ran on a partner’s codebase (Unreal Engine 4):

And be on the lookout for further improvements we’re planning to make, like unblocking you entirely from performing browsing operations! If you want to preview these updates, be sure to check out this video where you’ll also learn more information on this issue, what we did for improvements, how we did them, and who worked on them!

As always, we look forward to your feedback. Share feature suggestions on UserVoice, log bugs you find on our Connect site and send us a smile or frown from inside the IDE. We review all of the feedback we receive!


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