Visual Studio 2010 for C++ Development Survey Follow Up

Eric Battalio

Thanks to the over hundreds of developers who completed our upgrade survey and the select group that agreed to be contacted and spoke to us 1:1. As always, we appreciate the breadth of participants and helpfulness of responses.

Three of the top upgrade blockers are cost, breaking changes and third-party library compatibility.

One thing we learned when speaking with individual developers is that these categories were too broad. “Breaking changes” could encompass a number of things beyond “compiler breaking changes” up to and including project system differences and third-party library compatibility. We also found out that there are dozens of potential third-party components that are depended upon by developers; we need to know which ones are the most commonly used.

What do we do when we need more information? Another survey of course! This one is short and is again focused on developers who have not upgraded to Visual Studio 2013. It won’t take too long.

Look for a summary in the near future.

Go take the survey!


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