Visual Studio “15” Preview 5 Now Available

Eric Battalio

Visual Studio “15” Preview 5 is now available. Read the official announcement on the Visual Studio blog.

Highlights for C++ developers include:

  • Faster project load, coding, and debugging for C++.
  • The C++ Core Checkers for enforcing the C++ Core Guidelines are now distributed with Visual Studio.
  • Enhanced support for C++11 and C++14 features, as well as preliminary support for certain features expected to be in the C++17 standard. This release includes complete support for generalized constexpr.
  • Improvements, fixes and additions to the Standard Template Library.
  • Enhanced C++ code generation of loops and C++ code security.
  • IntelliSense Filters and Experimental C++ Predictive IntelliSense pare another way to narrow down the results in the list by specific kinds.
  • Navigate To (now known as Go To) and Find All References have been overhauled to improve the code navigation experience
  • The popular extension Visual C++ for Linux Development is now part of Visual Studio.
  • C++ support in “Open Folder” as well as proof-of-concept CMake support.
  • And more…

For the complete list of everything in this release, along with some known issues, look at the Visual Studio “15” Preview 5 Release Notes page. The Preview 5 FAQ provides answers for common questions.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Try the report a problem feature in the IDE to share feedback on Visual Studio and check out the developer community portal view. If you are not using the Visual Studio IDE, you can report issues using the Connect Form for reporting issues.

For suggestions, let us know through UserVoice.

We look forward to your feedback.


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