VC2005 SP1 Bug Fixes – Libraries

Visual CPP Team

Invalid range check in checked_array_iterator operator [] (Beowulff)
_localtime64. Bug in “manual” conversion to local time. (wtom)
error on std::malloc, std::free with _CRTDBG_MAP_ALLOC (Martin Sebor)
Deprecation warning in CRT and SCL (C++ Standard)
event_source(com) attribute causing c4701 warning (AdeskDaug)
Tools > Error Lookup (Adam Tatusko)
uninitialised variable in ATL classes for performance counters (Frank Eden)
ATL::W2A_CP misses a closing bracket (Ilia)
atlsoap.h: Call to InternetConnect with invalid parameters (Eric Bauersachs)
misformatted deprecated warning message (Chris Conti)
debugging operator new does not throw (yecril)
C2059 in stdlib.h (yecril)
LastError not always set in CAsyncSocket::Connect (beinhaerter)
MAX_CONNECT_LEN is too small (yecril)
Perf: Two TlsGetValue calls in _getptdnoexit when we could use 1 ()
VCRT Merge Module requires MSI 3.x for uninstall ()
CComSafeArray::Resize can break lock count of wrapped SAFEARRAY (Kim Grsman)
AtlIPersistPropertyBag_Load incorrectly decrements ref count of a property which is an object (Mike at work)
CComUnkArray::Add doesn’t compile (mlveggo)
The WriteData function (atlmime.h) accesses 1 byte passed the end of a buffer (SYSTECJF)
[MFC] Access violation reading invalid object from CArchive (Sergey Vlasov)
static analysis shows C6011 warning in Microsoft supplied xstring header file (David Lowndes)
CEnumerator::Find has wrong implemenation in atldbcli.h with a pointer to data hold by a temporary class (erni)
fgetpos gives a negative result when the stream is UTF-8 (yecril)
potential bug in atlsoap.h: m_nDepth not initialized (Eric Bauersachs)
MFC Activex control crashes when executing CreateManagedControl (MadhuK)
_tcsncpy doesn’t work with _CRT_SECURE_CPP_OVERLOAD_STANDARD_NAMES_COUNT (mischief)
false C4244 (dschwart)
strxfrm crashes if output buffer is NULL (wva)
?????ATL OLEDB ????????????????????????????? (ryou)
atlsoap.h: Call to InternetCloseHandle with invalid handle (minor problem) (Eric Bauersachs )
reading integers from an iostream broken when they’re followed by a comma. (John Maddock)
AfxLoadString crashes under a Unicode build (The Renaissance Man)
Non-existant Warnings Disabled (Steven Youngs)
Input/output VARIANTs in attributed ATL projects (vesely)
CAtlRegExp<>::Parse() causes access violation (mbobka)
logf macro in math.h has spurious trailing semicolon (AdeskDaug)
warning C4100 in header (yecril)
PDBs for CRT,SCL, ATL and MFC on are stripped version (hyslopc)
dbgrptt.c _VCrtDbgReportA can deadlock with COM threads (JLibby)
list::remove may refer to an element after it has been destroyed (Igor Tandetnik)
C2872 when including both atlsoap.h and afxmt.h (Muj Beg)
CComGITPtr explicit constructor has wrong ASSERT (RobertS)
incorrect work of C++ STL function search_n (sergT7)
VCn.n – SRX051110602979: LoaderLock problem in VS2005 Team Suite Trial Edition ()
Taking const_iterator from temporary instance of std::string crashes when iterator debugging is off. (KimmoPi)
VS 2005 CRT x64: fread() accepts size_t arguments (which are 64-bit on x64 OS), but fails on arguments over 4GB (Alexey Yeltsov)
SAMPLE_M.DEF and SAMPLD_M.DEF files have the wrong LIBRARY names in them (Mike)
#define _HAS_EXCEPTIONS 0 to build SCL without exceptions (Alexei Baskakov)
Debug CRT reports heap corruption inconsistently depending on how it is detected (hyslopc)
Rights needed for AfxOleRegisterControlClass changed from VS2003 to VS2005 (RuedigerD)
Several ATL classes methods miss the ‘const’ suffix for thier const methods. (Kirill Kovalenko)
strxfrm(s1, s2, 0) writes past the end of the destination buffer (Martin Sebor)
checked_fill_n: error C2065: ‘_Dest’ : undeclared identifier (yecril)
CDockBar::Insert bug (SteveBender)
[atlhost.h’s CAxHost::GetDropTarget method implementation] atlhost.h?CAxHost::GetDropTarget??????? (Tarte)
Byte alignment problems when common control inlines are included (ronsd)
CAsyncSocket::AttachHandle leaks memory (beinhaerter)
CTreeCtrl::CreateEx always fails when dwExStyle is zero (Mark Guile)
_recalloc does not initialize its elements to 0. (Alice P)
2nd parameter of _CopyInterface::copy should be const (jus)
Fail to create modal dialog in CPropertyPage (C.M.Chang)
sprintf_s rise exception state != ST_INVALID (agos)
ATL 7.1 Infinite Loop with Tab key (Isamu Shimada)
Envionment variable is NULL when code page set to UTF8 (Ray Wong)
ATL COM-server crashes when returning a failure HRESULT (Bayer)
std::iostream memory leak (mike_n)
Memory leak in CFormView (m_pOccDialogInfo) ()
wfopen_s() will trigger a debug assert if it requests text-mode translation and _fmode == _O_BINARY (by linking against binmode.obj) ()
Default toolbar chevron handling crashes with a toolbar with no images. (gwcasio)
ATL::CStencil::LoadFromResourceEx (Alex Faieta)
CInternetSession::OpenURL() fails on filenames with spaces (MHotchin)
_tzset does not set _daylight correctly for Calcutta timezone (Claus Brod)
_com_error::ErrorMessage fails unexpectedly (yecril)
negative tm_year in strftime() and other CRT functions [was: COleDateTime::Format(“%Y”) with m_dt set to 0.0 fails with invalid_parameter] (TomAtGerber)
CRT Source code MAKEFILE contains small error (Mike)
MFC CArray reading deleted memory – DOES cause bugs (W.D. Stevens)
Erroneous “#ifdef __ATLTMP_H__” in ATL_DRAWINFO (Jim Barry)
ATL deletes whole registry key ()
wcsxfrm(s1, s2, 0) writes past the end of the destination buffer (Martin Sebor)
Bogus assertion in ATL (on line 3751 of atlcom.h) (hyslopc)


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