VC2005 SP1 Bug Fixes – IDE

Visual CPP Team

Can’t display xmm1 in 64bit debugging watch window (spec)
Add a keyboard shortcut for editing an existing user macro (Avery Lee)
changing preprocessor definitions with #ifdef code open in editor causes graying to foul up (x64) (zeromus)
Parameter help highlighting of current parameter inside the definition of inherited overridden functions is broken (always highlights the first parameter only) (sXe__)
TextPoint / GetStartPoint inaccurate in certain cases (Nobody1234)
resource editor crash (knoepfle)
Import settings does not persist/use directories (Nick42blah)
Custom build steps are ignored during build of a library project unless the user manually changes them ()
ATL Wizard for OLEDB provider generates incorrect example code for returning table schema (sWozzie)
Resource editor chokes on strings with embedded null (’00’) characters (Owen Wengerd)
Managed c++ project fails to add a web reference (gchippie)
Visual Studio does not check-out the “” file when starting to edit resources (RichardW)
Outlining collapses functions while stepping through code (C++ app) (efortier)
C++ IDE, “Find All References” and “Show Callers Graph” miss some references (stan166)
Visual Studio 2005 just disappears (nagual)
2005 Resource Editor trashes non-English languages when you edit any dialog (Bill Cumming)
makefile projects generating .lib files are not used in project dependencies ()
Filter renaming (RobYull)
Manifest tool does not support forward slashes in OutputFile path. (Marcel van den Dungen)
MF: Strange unbalanced double quoting behaviour when entering a preprocessor definition with a space (David Lowndes)
Solutions with shared projects converted from VC6 (DavidMaxT)
Failed to return new Code Element. Possible syntax error. New Element Name: … (Hans De Smaele)
Large enum type causes Visual Studio to crash when stepping through code (Johan Petersson)
TrackBar does not remember negative minimum value when set with Form Designer (molesmoke)
MF: App Building: Add Variable code wizard creates private member variables and functions as public ()
VS 2005 Class View redraws constantly for project under SourceSafe (larrywph)
VS 2005: CE Platform Builder blocked: Exception when CPP file added to non-VC Visual Studio projects ()
REPRO: ???????????????????????; multimon: no property manager response when on negative monitor (ryoji)
Add Resource Dialog Box stops responding (D arsant)
2005 Resource Editor no longer labels tab of editing window with language (Bill Cumming)
Toolbars in MFC aren’t transparent (Loz)
Icon Editor in Visual Studio 2005 does not save changes to existing icon file (Yogesh Prabhu)
Intellisence showing wrong comments from old c standard headers (M Padhye)
VC8 debugger: watch certain long strings show up as empty (Brian Kramer)
IDE Crashes Frequently and randomly while opening, closing or editing Dialog Resources for MFC Apps (usna91)
Make the override functions code collapsable (Vitor Campos)
In “Insert ActiveX control” there is not enough space for long pathnames + others (Paul Hoad)
Excessive delay during debug when move cursor on a deque *> work_list (David_Chen)
MF: Intellisense thread not at “lowest” priority during parses. Single proc boxes unusable while long parse is running. ()
Text corruption in IDE (GregDude)
ATL?????????????????? (Tarte)
Embedd ATL class to MFC project wizard lacks TYPELIB in .rc file (HermannS)
CAT2: “AddClass…” project menu item gets merged with image editing local menu (vsadov)
Strings in string table are not sorted by value (SvenR)
Link Library Depencies fails if an projects are not loaded (Nick42blah)
ProjectItem.Open makes the returned window visible by default for C++ projects (Carlos J. Quintero)
Debugging Command “Internet Explorer” in actually refers to default browser. (Soepy)
NumericUpDown does not handle negative value properly (Monarghel)
C++ files with nonstandard file extensions have “unknown scope” and no function browsing (David Librik)
wrong settings for debug configuration in a new empty project (yecril)
Loss of control caption in dialog editor (_oti)
Parameter Help does not correctly highlight the current parameter after a failed call to nested parameter help for ‘[….]’, ‘<….>’, or ‘(….)’ ()
vcbuild does not correctly separate .libs in command sent to linker, causing build failure in simple scenarios ()
Compiler generates Old Syntax code in Designer Generated InitializeComponent Method in C++ .h file (Bollwerk)
/logcommands generates HTML entity references (mcnameej)
Consistent Crash adding Test Projects to a Solution Folder (Quortex)
Out/Int dir is implicitly set at config level and is difficult to override (savvdm)
debugger fails to display a based variable (chaz s)
Edit of a non-checked out bitmap image crashes dev studio. (GregPow)
Resource Editor failes to save .rc file then GP fault at closing it (muchan)
Create member variable for dialog control using a derived class (Rudolf heijink)
Output field in Custom Build Step (Oscar Sillani)
MF: MT.exe tool is not run during build after a VC7.0 MFC application is converted, causing no manifest to be embedded (ruisun)
Resource Editor Add/Remove impossible code read only (Colin Carter)


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