VC2005 SP1 Bug Fixes – Front End

Visual CPP Team

TERNARY: Compiler error: arrays decay into pointers (Mycroft Holmes)
Properties of nested classes cannot access inherited protected members (C++/CLI) (Bekas)
LVALUE: DIAG: Bogus error “C2102: ‘&’ requires l-value” on valid code. (Paul Pluzhnikov)
CONFORM: For references of function type ,argument deduction behaves incorrectly (ppliu)
[CUSTOMER, MF] Intellisense infers too much by helping autocomplete on undefined types (Brian_Kramer)
FRNDTEMP: Valid template code that compiled under VS 2003 doesn’t compile in VS 2005 (Yannick Letourneau)
ICE upon ill-formed data declaration within function body (yecril)
[BADPOP] (feacp)While editing the tooltip for a global char array gets distorted (MSeiringer)
ICE: C1001 failure on invalid structure initialisation (Steve Baker)
PTS: partial spe argument can’t be a class template with a non type dependent argument (VCZilla)
ICE: Internal Compiler Error when placing a specialized template function declaration with invalid signature inside a class (Sven Groot)
OVRRES: nested class templates and overload resolution (Seriously Serious)
Optimizing Compiler (ademirtug)
Cannot build attributed COM interfaces with minor version 7, 8, or 9. (Schneider)
DIAG: Compiler: bogus cascading errors based on misspelled/wrong constructor name (Brian_Kramer)
NEEDSDIAG: Fire warning for include befor include of precompiled header (Martin Richter)
[MF, CUSTOMER] Intellisense crashes when opening a large MC++ project after eating over 2 gigs of memory (James C. Papp)
C++ produces incorrect code for delegate::EndInvoke. (OShah)
inbuilt preprocessor symbols are not evaluated for the editor greying facility (David Lowndes)
QUALNAME: ICE (Internal compiler error) – nested namespaces, typedefs and enums (can’t really say what’s the problem) (false_negative)
DIAG: error C2383: ‘problem_symbol’ : default-arguments are not allowed on this symbol (Galileo)
NS:BADDIAG: Error C2872 instantiating template member. (Jonathon Bell)
ADDRFUNC: Template argument deduction from function type fails (Victor Bazarov)
TPDEDUCE: member function deducing in sizeof (ZMS)
POPAV:FC++ Intellisense does not work with simple project (Mike McCarthy)
C++/CLI: ICE: implicit conversion operator from C# lib cause ICE (Brian_Kramer)
CONFORM: Built-in operator (Seriously Serious)
C++/CLI incorrectly requires safe_cast to assign CLI array to IEnumerable (Kenny Kerr)
DIAG: C++/CLI template specialization o f a property (LNK2020: unresolved token (06000001)) (ldawson)
Intellisense Updating never terminates, hangs VS 2005 (Keith Dorken)
[Even though undisplayable character is not included, C4819 warning appears] ??????????????? C4819 ?????? (ryoji)
Intellisense error, shows duplicate member functions (one of them wrong) and fails to update them (Ghorwin)
BADDIAG: Strange C2326 error (_LEE)
ICE when _alloca() is used in default argument (Avery Lee)
DIAG: Compiler: missing close brackets cause difficult-to-investigate downstream errors (Brian_Kramer)
ICE: With Unnamed Inner Classes (Squider)
PRAGMA: #pragma hdrstop doesn’t support string concatenation (Jay Freeman)
Pointer to static member function with const argument (Mycroft Holmes)
PP:Visual C++ 2005 Pre-processor bug (Chief Chef)
bogus error C2899: typename outside template (Martin Sebor)
ICE: Very-low impact Compiler ICE: misuse of __w64 keyword (Brian_Kramer)
LVALUE: reference member decays into value (Mycroft Holmes)
TPDEDUCE:error on function explicit instantiation returning a nested-name-specifier (Martin Sebor)
BADDIAG: C2958 on _malloca in release configuration (__pragma) (yecril)
CONFORM: EH: Function-try constructor compiler faliure (ChrisMorley)
Inner class as a grandchild in a template class with the same name (Kaba_)
Wrong results on x64 with Placement New ()
BADDIAG: C4965: false is treated as the integer value 0 (Siegmund Baumann)
BADDIAG:Function local union in template specialization causes invalid error from VC2005 (MartenS)
CONFORM: sizeof error on pointers to arrays (Brian Gladman)
CLICONFORM:BADDIAG: Bogus C4172 “returning address of temporary” when R% is returned (Holger Grund)
ISENSEFAIL: Intellisense for C++ – inconsistent behaviour. (David Lowndes)
ICE: Internal Compiler Error (R. Green)
TTPARAM: using template template parameter in template default parameter (_tobi)
TTPARAM: template-template parameters default template argument bug (metal)
ICE:ILL:PTS:Internal compiler error on incorrect code (Michael Kochetkov)
BADDIAG: C2143 on undefined types in a constructor’s parameter list (yecril)
FRNDTEMP: Compiler: function-scope structs in a friend class are not also friends (Brian_Kramer)
template dependent typedef troubles (noobOOP)
devenv.exe crashes while ‘Updating IntelliSense’. Handle count above 1400. (Martijn Kieboom)
Attributed Interface generates bad IDL for some definitions (#importlib VB-DLL) (Uwe Reisewitz)
PP: Preprocessor definitions not expanded correctly in C++ attributes (DankoD)
delegate constructor will not compile with gcroot as first arg (Andrew R)
[FA, ERRORTYPE] safe_cast stops intellisense from working (rditmore)
TERNARY: Conditional operator with right lvalue of subclass type of lvalue right fails with “cannot instantiate abstract class” (Holger Grund)
TYPESYS:argument const-ness should not be part of member function type signature (Ben Voigt)
BADDIAG: PTS: “different linkage” error on exported explicit instantiation (Martin Sebor)
ICE: definition of typedefed enum type (R. Green)
Compiler without /clr and with /Za allows non-standard (ISO/IEC 14882:2003) “for each” syntax (Peter Huene)
Complier error C1001 (L. Willis)
BADDIAG: Error C2675: inconsistent behaviour (yecril)
crash when compiling (weibing)
The compiler produced a symbol that cannot be decorated (yecril)
pin_ptr causes compiler crash on multidimensional managed arrays of floating point types (WilliamFCook)
QuickInfo tooltips stop working (Dave Waggoner)
C2065 if a “for” loop resides inside a “for each” loop (Siegmund Baumann)
Line numbers in preprocessed code are not matching up with lines in original one. (wallyatmsdn)
ICE: compiler error during array initialization (Vladimir Nesterovsky)
MF:Function template instantiation causes change in for() scope setting (Avery Lee)
_ReadWriteBarrier() intrinsic fails to link without /Oi or #pragma intrinsic (Avery Lee)
QUALNAME: Compiler fails to match function definition to declaration when return type is typedef (Rethguals)
Classview and Intellisense not displaying templated class (RobYull)
ICE: Compiler Crashes when attemptin to create vector of structure of undeterminate size. (CString) (Darsant)
BADDIAG: C2664 compiling a class with templated constructor (uvts_cvs)
CONFORM: PTS: Template nontype parameter default value with simple-type-specifier() fails for integral types (Holger Grund)
CONFORM: FEATURE: Member template default non-type arguments not recognized (johanp)
template class member function overload ambiguity (Butterflow)
OVRRES: operator () base class overload failure (metal)


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