VC2005 SP1 Bug Fixes – Back End

Visual CPP Team

Internal Compiler Error C1001 at compiler file ‘f:vs70builds3077vcCompilerUtcsrcP2main.c’, line 148 when compiling file from ATLAS math lib (fullung)
EH: BADIL: Inconsistent order of execution of destructors and finally blocks during stack unwinding (igorf)
nmake doesn’t read the Tools.ini file properly. (Reality)
Can’t compile project from command line during automated build executed under Local System account (fatal error C1902) (Kirill Kovalenko)
Exception handler bug in VC8 compiler (paul_at_foobar_nu)
Generated code reads from uninitialized memory (Math Nerd)
Internal error during IMAGE::BuildImage encountered (Brian_Kramer)
optimizer produces incorrect code with particular code segment (Paxton Mason)
VS2005 C++ x64 code generation bug when optimizer enabled (Sergey Kashyrin)
Nesting wcscat and wcscpy seems to produce invalid code (kwtc)
_pexit not always generated properly (Joev Dubach)
wrong code is generated for 64-bit assignment in 32-bit mode with optimization (pkou)
msvc optimizer bug with floating point and mmx instructions in asm block (Genady Beryozkin)
Compiler bug when compiling a mix of floating point(in C) and MMX instructions. (P-L B)
ICE utcsrcP2main.c[0x10B17614:0x0000001C]’, line 182 (Karies)
Incorrect “this” pointer aliasing on VC++ 2005 when optimized for speed (/O2) and C++ exceptions are disabled on x64 (JJ Cox)
The compiler seems to produce unconsistent results for shift operation (Birdy)
runtime stack corruption message using VC8 64bit – (warnold)
Incorrect optimization of _AddressOfReturnAddress (R. Green)


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