Quick Info Improvements in Visual Studio 2019: Colorization and Search Online

Nick Uhlenhuth


The Quick Info tooltip has received a couple of improvements in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.1 Preview 3. 

Quick Info Colorization 

While Quick Info was previously all black text, the tooltip now respects the semantic colorization of your editor: 


If you’d like to customize your semantic colorization, you can do that by searching “font” in the Visual Studio Search box (Ctrl + Q), or by navigating to Tools > Options > Environment > Fonts and Colors: 


Quick Info Search Online 

The Quick Info tooltip has a new “Search Online” link that will search for online docs to learn more about the hovered code construct. For red-squiggled code, the link provided by Quick Info will search for the error online. This way you don’t need to retype the message into your browser. 


You can customize your Search Provider under Tools > Options > Text Editor > C++ > View. 


Talk to Us! 

If you have feedback on Quick Info in Visual Studio, we would love to hear from you. We can be reached via the comments below or via email (visualcpp@microsoft.com). If you encounter other problems with Visual Studio or MSVC or have a suggestion, you can use the Report a Problem tool in Visual Studio or head over to Visual Studio Developer Community. You can also find us on Twitter (@VisualC) and (@nickuhlenhuth). 

Nick Uhlenhuth
Nick Uhlenhuth

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铭雨 张 2019-05-15 06:16:37
Looking forward to the amazing feature! A dream of mine is that one day the quick info in C++ can be colorized like that in C#.
Michael Steenbeek
Michael Steenbeek 2019-05-15 19:53:01
Hi, OpenRCT2 dev here. We love how you used our project in your example screenshot (now and in the last blog post) :). We have one request though: we would really, really like to use designated initalisers in C++ code with MSVC. We can use them with Xcode and GCC, but only MSVC doesn't allow it (only supporting them in C). It has even been confirmed as a C++20 feature.
TrisT . 2019-06-24 16:11:43
Hey man look, I don't wanna be a dick, and I really appreciate the effort, but I really don't like this search online thing, and would love to be able to disable it. How do I do that? For me the Search Provider property isn't even there. Also, you further fucked up the hover info box, it now just has a fixed width and goes downwards, line breaking in the first space it finds. https://i.imgur.com/CZ2jduX.png That looks pretty hideous, and it would be lovely to get some nice properties to unfuck it, such as: "Quick Info - Hover Definitions Line Break At:" with "Space;End of parameter; No room left" as keys, and "Get this search online shit out of here because I learned how to use printf a long time ago". Like it shows up every time I hover something, and I doubt google searching for my "take_a_shit" function will actually yield productive results. Anyhow, I would much prefer to be able to select and copy the definition or part of it, than to just bing "C++ massive_fucking_definition_in_which_half_the_words_are_bound_to_severely_fuck_up_search_results". Maybe it's just me tho. Thank you.