Pure Virtual C++ 2024 is Tomorrow

Sy Brand

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Pure Virtual C++ is our free one-day virtual conference for the whole C++ community. This year it will run on April 30th 15:00 UTC. Sign-up for free to get access to our five sessions on the day.

The sessions are:

  • Automated Testing of Shader Code with Keith Stockdale (Rare) – 15:00 UTC
  • Message Handling with Boolean Implication with Ben Deane (Intel) – 15:30 UTC
  • I Embedded a Programming Language In Debug Information with Sy Brand (Microsoft) – 16:00 UTC
  • Enhancing C++ development with Copilot Chat with Sinem Akinci (Microsoft) – 16:30 UTC
  • Progress Report: Adopting Header Units in Microsoft Word with Zachary Henkel (Microsoft) – 17:00 UTC

We’ve added a host of new pre-conference content which you can check out in the meantime. In the last week we’ve released:


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