CppRestSDK 2.9.0 is available on GitHub


We are delighted to announce a new version of CppRestSDK (Casablanca) 2.9.0, this new version available on GitHub introduces new features and fixes issues reported on the 2.8.0 version. The C++ REST SDK is a Microsoft project for cloud-based client-server communication in native code using a modern asynchronous C++ API design. This project aims to help C++ developers connect to and interact with services.

We added
  • support for basic authentication on Linux.
  • static library support for Windows xp
  • a project for compiling as a static lib on Windows
  • a websocket_client_config option for ssl verify mode
  • host based connection pool map on non windows http_clients

We fixed issues of Linux, OSX and Android versions. Here are the set of changes going into this release:

  • Merged #70 & #65 which should fix building on CentOS/RedHat.
  • #143 Work around SSL compression methods memory leak in ASIO.
  • #82 Fixed ambiguous call to begin when using with boost library.
  • #117 Fix header reading on linux listener using HTTPS.
  • #97 Add support for basic authentication.
  • #206 remove warnings-errors for system-headers under linux; honour http_proxy env-variable.
  • #114 Removed redundant std::move() that was causing errors on Xcode 7.3 gcc.
  • #140 Fix returning std::move causing build failure on osx.
  • #137 Fix android build script for linux, remove libiconv dependency.
  • Use Nuget packages built with Clang 3.8 (VS 2015 Update3) and Android NDK 11rc. Update built scripts for the same.
  • #150 Add static library for windows xp.
  • #115 Added projects which target v140_xp to resolve Issue#113.
  • #71 Add a project for compiling as a static lib.
  • #102 Added websocket_client_config option for ssl verify mode.
  • #217 Fixed race condition in Casablanca WinRT Websocket client.
  • #131 Update to include access control allow origin.
  • #156 add host based connection pool map on non windows http_clients.
  • #161 Header parsing assumes whitespace after colon.
  • #146 Fix ambiguous reference to ‘credentials’
  • #149 Some perf improvements for uri related code.

· #86 Fix obtaining raw string_t pointer from temporary.

· #96 Fix typo hexidecimal/hexadecimal.

  • #116 Fixing latin1 to UTF-16 conversion.
  • #47 Fixing .then to work with movable-only types.

As always, we trust the community to inform our next steps so, let us know what you need, how to improve Casablanca, by continuing to create an issue or a pull request on https://github.com/Microsoft/cpprestsdk


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