C++ AMP to target Khronos SPIR and HSAIL

Eric Battalio

The Parallel Programming in Native Code blog recently announced Clang support for C++ AMP via LLVM backend. This is a key milestone in our commitment (as mentioned in Somasegar’s blog) to share the C++ AMP specification to all C++ developers, regardless of whether they’re using Visual C++ or not. Portability across hardware and platforms is one of the cornerstones for C++ AMP and we are happy to see that with this project, C++ AMP will become the high level language with multiple underlying implementations including DirectCompute, Khronos SPIR 1.2 for OpenCL and HSAIL.

AMD is planning to release this project in March 2014 as open source under NCSA license to allow the community to participate in the development of C++ AMP technology. We view this project as the seed that would allow others to implement support for C++ AMP in additional compilers. For more details please visit HSA foundation blog. If you like to contribute to the project or play with preview bits (mind you these are early bits) please head to https://bitbucket.org/multicoreware/cppamp-driver-ng/wiki/Home. Additionally some samples targeting OpenCL are available at https://bitbucket.org/multicoreware/cxxamp_sandbox.

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