Bing Developer Assistant, now with C++ support

Marian Luparu

Head over today to the Visual Studio blog for some exciting announcements coming from our friends in the Bing team: Bing Developer Assistant just released a new version that brings C++ support

From the post:

With the addition of 43 Million C++ code samples, our total corpus is now of 64 Million code samples. In addition to MSDN, stackoverflow and GitHub we have sourced code samples from specialist C++ domains like and which gives developers a strong base of options to choose from. Now you have access to thousands of code samples for CRT (C runtime libraries), STL (standard template library) and various other open source C++ libraries like Boost, Direct3D, OpenCV etc. from within Visual Studio.

Curious already? Get yourself more familiar with how the extension works, go download it today and share your thoughts

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  • Uwe Baemayr 0

    What happened to the Developer Assistant? All links to the product are broken, including the one above. Just wasted 20 minutes trying to track it down.

    How about a statement that it’s been withdrawn if that’s what happened.

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