Advanced Developers Conference 2013: C++

Eric Battalio

The Advanced Developers Conference 2013 takes place May 7-8 this year with sessions on building modern device apps, drivers, graphics development, debugging, creating and consuming cloud services, performance and much more. Here are a couple session descriptions cribbed from the ADC site to whet your appetite:

  • Building Modern Device Apps with C++. C++ is ideal for mobile device applications because it’s easy to get performance right and much of your code is portable across the device platforms you care about. In this session you’ll learn about using Visual Studio to build a Windows Phone app, share code with Windows 8 apps, and use cloud services in your software. (Keynote, speaker: Steve Teixeira, Microsoft)
  • Transactional Memory in C++. We further show different techniques for supporting various levels of safety annotation, from fully static compiled time checking to some levels of dynamic checking to ease the burden for programmers. (Speaker: Michael Wong, IBM)
  • DirectX Graphics Development with Visual Studio 2012. Come and join us in this session for a tour of the tools and technologies in Visual Studio 2012 for applications that depend on DirectX. Learn about the new tools for creating DirectX apps, writing shaders, working with graphics assets including images and 3D models, and debugging the DirectX code. (Keynote, speaker: Tarek Madkour, Microsoft)
  • Developing Windows 8 Drivers with Visual Studio 2012. Visual Studio 2012 changes the way drivers have been traditionally developed for Windows by integrating the entire driver development workflow into it’s IDE. In this session you will learn how to build, sign, deploy, test and debug kernel mode driver framework (KMDF) drivers for Windows 8 using Visual Studio 2012 and the Windows Driver Kit. (Speaker: T.Roy, CodeMachine)

There is still plenty of time to sign up! Visit the site to learn more. Check out the agenda here. All sessions in the first track are in English!


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