Seamlessly transfer Kafka data with the new Azure Cosmos DB connector

Nikisha Reyes-Grange

You can now move data to and from Apache Kafka with self-managed Azure Cosmos DB source and sink connectors for Kafka Connect.  The connectors can be downloaded from Confluent, and are now in public preview beta release. You can also visit GitHub to download the Azure Cosmos DB connector and find details and documentation for the Azure Cosmos DB Kafka Source Connector and the Azure Cosmos DB Kafka Sink Connector.

Both the sink and source connector take advantage of key Azure Cosmos DB functionality to seamlessly connect with Apache Kafka streaming data. The source connector reads data from the powerful Azure Cosmos DB change feed and then publishes it to selected Apache Kafka topics. The sink connector can export data from Apache Kafka topics to containers in Azure Cosmos DB databases.

Confluent website showing Azure Cosmos DB Connector
Azure Cosmos DB Kafka connectors are available for download on


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