New and recently updated documentation for Azure Cosmos DB

Nikisha R

To make it simple to understand and use Azure Cosmos DB, our team regularly publishes and refreshes technical documentation. Here’s a round-up of our most recent docs releases:

Convert vCores to request units (RU/s)

Estimate Azure Cosmos DB request units (RU/s) for use with the Core (SQL) API or API for MongoDB, based on the total vCore or vCPU count in your existing database replica sets. See documentation.

3rd-party monitoring solutions

You can use third-party solutions Datadog and Dynatrace to monitor your Azure Cosmos DB instances.  See documentation.

Graph data modeling tools for Gremlin API

Third-party tools are available to help model graph data for the Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API.  See documentation.

Rotate primary or secondary keys

As a security best practice, keys should be rotated and regenerated regularly. See documentation.

Quickstart: Build a .NET app with Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB

See how to quickly build a web app using Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB, Visual Studio, and .NET.  See documentation.

FAQs: Continuous back-up and point-in-time restore

Get answers about using continuous back-up and point-in-time restore with the Core (SQL) API and API for MongoDB.  See documentation.

Get started with SQL queries

Find tips to query your data using the Structured Query Language (SQL) as a JSON query language. See documentation.


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  • David Baker

    Can you please give us an update on full fidelity? Is this feature in preview yet?

    • Maxim Rybkov

      @David I am already experimenting with full fidelity schema on SQL API and it is in place. Only works on newly created accounts or accounts with no analytics enabled before.

      • David Baker

        Did you register for private preview? How can you experiment with it if it hasn’t been released to public preview yet?

      • Maxim Rybkov

        Hi Nikisha,

        What is change feed fidelity schema? Any outline how it is going to work?